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Women of Hope Fundraiser

Our various ministries are a very important aspect to our church. They have been commissioned to not only spread the Gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, but to stand in the gap for the souls of our Church members as well as our guest.

We have adopted about 40 women and counting at the Women's Center in Raleigh, NC. These women come from all different backgrounds and professions and like some of us they have been on really hard times because life happens to all of us.these women have been displaced and are homeless, fortunately places like the Women's Center are there for them to provide Food, Clothing and Shelter in the evenings when there is room.

As a small church we felt compelled to help in any way we can by also providing them with food, hygiene products and clothing when we have it available.We want to always be available for assistance which is why we have an ongoing fundraiser for that purpose.


We have a responsibility to support them as we grow in the ministry. We encourage you to continue to also keep us in prayer, because they are the shoulders that the Women lean on in our times of need.


If you are able to give whatever you have no number is too small we thank you in advance and ask that you please type which ministry you are giving for in either out cash app, or our pay pal- apchprayer7@gmail.com.



Cash App- $1acpchchurch

Pay Pal- apchprayer7@gmail.com


Marketing Team Fundraiser

Our Marketing Team Ministry is responsible for our church website, social media (facebook, instagram) videography, brochures and flyers just to name a few.


They are also responsible for branding our church and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the globe.  To do all of these things it takes time, patience and of course finances.


 Many of those ideas and concepts require traveling with the Bishop and Pastors from state to state, so to over the cost we decided to make available to you a variety of things that can be purchased in our church.

To name a few, we have T-Shirts, wireless headsets as well as anointing oil that has been prayed over by our very own Bishop and Pastors. We also have future plans to include coffee mugs, Journals, and tote bags.

iF you would also just like to give a monetary gift please do so on our Cash App. 

Cash App- $apchfundraiser - please note which ministry your gift is for so it can be sent to appropriate group.

Thank you in advance



Wireless Headsets  $  2.00

T-Shirts                   $ 20.00

Anointing Oil          $   5.00

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